Storytime: Penguins!

Minnesota is no joke in January. Long past the exciting first snow, we’ve now entered the “grin and bear it phase”. I get through it by remembering that truly nothing is better than a Minnesota summer. For now, I’m searching for fun ways to break up the grey, icy, below-zero weather. Enter: Penguin storytime!

Books of the Day:

All images from

Baby Penguins Love Their Mama by Melissa Guion
If You Were a Penguin by Florence Minor
Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere! by Bob Barner

Songs and Actions of the Day:

Ukulele Opening

Tune: This Old Man
Storytime, storytime,
Welcome to our storytime,
with lots of books
And fun for me and you
We will sing and dance too!

After we sing this for a verse we add other actions to the song (…clap your hands for storytime, clap your hands for storytime…) I end with …shhh be quiet for storytime…

Flannel Board + Action Rhyme + Song

I found these super cute felt penguins hiding in my supply shelves with a few cute action rhymes included (thank you past librarian). I have no idea where these came from (outside of on a snippet of paper inside a drawer).


Five Perky Penguins
Five perky penguins
Stood on the shore
One went for a swim
Then there were four.

Four perky penguins
Looked out to sea.
One went swimming,

Three perky penguins said,
“What can we do?”
One jumped into the water,
Then there were two.

Two perky penguins
Sat in the sun.One swam off,
And then there was one.

One perky penguin said,
“This is no fun!”
He dived in the water
And then there were none.

Laugh Little Penguin
Tune: “Kookaburra”

The little penguin dives
In the sea so deep,
Catching all the fish
That he can eat.
Laugh, little penguin,Laugh, little penguin,
Great your life must be.

On his belly
He likes to slide,
All down the hill,
Just watch him glide.
Laugh, little penguin,
Laugh, little penguin,
Great your life must be.

Digital App

You guys. I am dying. I stumbled across a live penguin feed app and it is awesome. Awesome and free! The app shows real-time streaming of California Academy of Sciences penguin exhibit, including on land and underwater.

iPhone Screenshot 1
Retrieved from Pocket Penguins iTunes Preview

We are going to open up the app to watch the penguins for a few minutes. Depending on what they decide to do, we will talk about different penguin actions (preening, swimming, sleeping, etc.)

Don’t mind me while I quietly shut down my life to watch these penguins.

Letter of the Day: P

Other things that start with the letter P: pizza, party, prince/princess

Literacy Tip of the Day: Talk!

Research has shown using tablets can help in literacy growth. If you have technology at home, don’t be afraid to use it with your children. An app like the live penguin feed gives you the opportunity to connect books with real-life. You will also expand vocabulary by using words your child will not hear in everyday conversation (preening, for example).

Craft of the Day: Foam Penguins

A coworker found these foam penguins on sale (and originally only a dollar). We will use them as a base to decorate. Cute!


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