Learning the Ukulele Resources

I started using a ukulele in my library storytimes a few weeks ago. (See my earlier post) I love this thing. It has engaged the kids at a level I wasn’t achieving pre-uke!

Below are some resources on how I got started.

The Ukulele

After some online research and talking to a super helpful employee at my local Schmitt music store, I decided to go with the Kala KA-C Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele. Most ukuleles you hear/see are sopranos. The concert just spoke to me with its well-rounded and slightly louder sound. This was a mid-priced ukulele. I wanted something I wouldn’t have to tune constantly, but didn’t need anything top of the line either. So far, it has been exactly what I want.

Oh, and don’t forget a tuner! It makes keeping your uke in tune a breeze.

Getting Started

I didn’t even know how to hold a ukulele when I brought it home. But, after watching and practicing with the below tutorials I was able to quickly learn how to handle and tune the ukulele, plus some basic chords and strumming patterns. Below are the getting started videos I found helpful:

Storytime Resources

Rose Oyamot is a library associate in youth services who has an entire YouTube channel full of ukulele storytime songs. Sometimes I have a hard time following along/knowing how to strum, but as I become more comfortable with the basics her channel will be a great resource.

By just spending a few minutes a day tooling around on these sites, I’ve been able to confidently bring the ukulele into my storytimes. The learning curve isn’t too big, and I’ve found a new hobby!

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