Storytime: Let’s Get Silly!

Books of the Day:

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Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett and Kevin Cornell
Meet Dizzy Dinosaur! by Jack Tickle
This Is NOT a Cat! by David Larochelle

Count the Monkeys and Meet Dizzy Dinosaur! are both interactive books. It will be really fun to see the kids go through the actions of the books.

Songs and Actions of the Day:

Ukulele Opening

Tune: This Old Man
Storytime, storytime,
Welcome to our storytime,
with lots of books
And fun for me and you
We will sing and dance too!

After we sing this for a verse we add other actions to the song (…clap your hands for storytime, clap your hands for storytime…) I end with …shhh be quiet for storytime…

Recorded Song with Shakers: Shake Your Sillies Out by Raffi

This is my favorite version of this song. There is a Wiggles version that is cute, but I don’t love the verse “nod your naughties out.” Something about kids being silly and feeling crazy being equated to naughty seems, well, silly.

Recorded Song with Shakers: I Know a Chicken by Laurie Berkner

This song is a great shaker song and is, in fact, very silly.

Ukulele Song: Apples and Bananas

Another easy Ukulele song!

Ukulele Song: If You’re Silly and You Know It

I’m just swapping out the word silly for happy from the traditional If You’re Happy and You Know It. Instead of shouting “Hooray!” we are going to blow raspberries. (“If you’re silly and you know it, go like this <insert blowing a raspberry>”) The kids get a kick out of me looking silly and like making the noise themselves.

Digital App

This week, I am going to use the Smack Talk! app. The app features a variety of too-cute-to-handle animals. You record what you want the animal to “say,” and it morphs your voice while the animal’s mouth moves. It’s hilarious fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

Image from

Letter of the Day: S

Literacy Tip of the Day: Play!

When you choose interactive books like Count the Monkeys and Meet Dizzy Dinosaur! children have the opportunity to move their body, listen, and process pictures at the same time. If that isn’t good for brain growth, I’m not sure what is 🙂

Craft of the Day: Take a Silly Picture

I found some leftover die cut picture frames from an old project. We are going to decorate the frames and encourage parents to take a picture of the kids making a silly face in their silly frames!


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