Review: Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar

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Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar

My Thoughts: 3.5/5 Stars

It’s 1966 and fifth-grader Ruthie Mizrahi and her family have recently immigrated to New York City from Cuba. Ruthie is beginning to find her place in school and on the playground when a devastating car accident leaves her bedridden for almost a year.

The realities of immigration through the eyes of a stranded ten-year-old are powerful, and will expose readers to an array of cultures and religions. A heavy cast of characters with limited roles bogs down the story in moments, though each character shares new perspectives and stories from Ruthie’s bed.

Particularly beautiful moments come from Ruthie’s growth in learning to forgive and overcome hate. (“Before, I didn’t know about perspective. Now I know it can change how you see the whole world.”) Based on Behar’s own immigration and accident, the novel offers a complex story with deep character development and thought-provoking ideas.


  • Immigration
  • Multicultural
  • Physical injury
  • Parent/Child Relationships

Recommend To:

  • Readers who enjoy deep character development
  • Readers who don’t require a page-turner
  • Celebrate multiple cultures and religions

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